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Irrigation & Drainage

Raising World population has led our planet face severe water crises, as the case with food and agriculture production. We need to conserve our water resources so as to meet the prime requirements, especially agriculture. Considering this, the Irrigation & Drainage network has been added in terminal part of large dams. Well-trained experts with their profound knowledge in this field would certainly contribute to increased agriculture production in the country.

Our irrigation projects cover the following aspects:

1. Investigation, study, designing of Irrigation and Drainage projects

2. Construction supervision of Irrigation and Drainage projects.

3. Quality control and equipment management.

4. Monitoring and maintenance of Irrigation and Drainage projects.

5. Water shed management

6. Aquifer management


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Pars Peyab Consulting Engineers, with more than twenty years of experience and expertise in project engineering studies related to the field of Civil and Water Engineering as well as in the engineering services offers, and with the well trained and professional engineers at its disposition and commodities at its hand is continuing its activities for the construction of the country.

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